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TI Invaders is a Space Invaders clone (perhaps the most cloned video game in history),[1] that was produced for the TI-99/4A home computer system. TI Invaders was programmed by Garth Dollahite, and was released in the 4th quarter of 1981 via Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module with part # PHM 3053. The original retail cost for TI Invaders was $39.95 (USD). It was distributed and published by Texas Instruments (TI).

TI Invaders
TI Invaders Manual Cover
TI Invaders Manual (Front Cover) [2] [3]
Publisher(s) Texas Instruments (TI)
Original Retail Price $39.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Garth Dollahite
Part# PHM 3053
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1981 (4th Quarter)
Genre(s) Shooter, Space


Like all Space Invader's clones, the player in TI Invaders controls a laser cannon that moves back and forth, horizontally on the bottom of the screen shooting at an army of descending aliens. Occasionally during the game, a space saucer will hover across the top of the screen which is worth varying points, depending on how close to center it's hit, if hit by the player's laser cannon.

TI Invaders presents several unique features not found in the original Space Invaders arcade game. First off, after a player defeats a wave of enemy aliens, TI Invaders inserts a bonus level where the player shoots at a UFO. With each hit, the saucer changes directions and increases in point value, shrinks in size, and moves upward away from the laser cannon.

Another change from the original is that the aliens change from wave to wave of enemy attacks. The bottom row is replaced on each level with the level above it, and a new top level alien appears. Each different alien type fills two rows of identical aliens. As the game progresses, the newer aliens become more difficult to hit either by becoming slimmer or by becoming invisible at times, only being able to be hit while visible.

Advertising Blurbs

Front Cover of Manual

Numerous downright nasty space creatures challenge your survival instincts when they attack your world. Try to destroy these swarming invaders before they demolish your missiles.

Back Cover of Manual

Your world is under attack by downright nasty creatures from Space. It's up to you - can you save your world from this hostile horde? Use your wit and skill to destroy the multi-colored creatures with your missiles.

TI Invaders challenges you to:

  • attack and destroy the invaders.
  • shoot down the yellow control ship.

Triton Catalog - Fall 1984

Your world is under attack . . . by an armada of nasty creatures from outer space. Use your wits and aiming skills to destroy the multi-colored monsters with your missiles. A one-player game. (Joysticks recommended.)



Your world is under attack by downright nasty creatures from the black pit of Space. It's up to you - can you save your world from this hostile horde? You must use your wit and quick movements to destroy the multi-colored creatures. But, as you shoot down each attacker, the swarming horde increases its speed and sprays shots at your missile. Your missiles are limited, so you also must be cautious.

Your goals are to:

  • attack and destroy the invaders.
  • shoot down the yellow control ship.

No sooner have you destroyed all the attackers than the red spaceship appears to challenge you. If you let the ship slip off the screen, a new mass of creatures appears.

A one-player game, the TI Invaders game tests your skills and strategy. Movement on the screen may be controlled from the keyboard or the Wired Remote Controllers.

TI Invaders is available as either a Solid State Software™ Command Module or a diskette-based game. Note that the diskette-based version requires the TI Disk Memory System and must be used with either the TI Extended BASIC or Editor/Assembler Command Module (all sold separately). Follow the set of directions that applies to your version of the game.

Getting Started

After you select the TI Invaders game, you are shown the value of the first three types (or colors) of attacker, as well as the value of the spaceships.

You now choose from two skill levels. The attackers may be "merely aggressive," or they may be "downright nasty."

  • Merely Aggressive - The creatures fire at your missile in a rapid, but consistent, pattern and are unaware of your missile's location.
  • Downright Nasty - Not only do the attackers rapidly fire at your missile, but they also know the position of your missile, and they fire directly at it.

Press 1 or 2 to choose the skill level for the game.


Playing the Game

After you select your skill level, the game begins immediately with the creatures moving in regimental form to attack your missile. The invading army is 11 creatures wide and five creatures deep. Those attackers having the least value head the attack. The most valuable, or highest ranked, creatures are at the rear of the attack. You have three missiles with which to defend your world. You may obtain an additional missile when you score over 3000 points. One of your demolished missiles is repaired for you each time you earn 10,000 points.

As the invading creatures march across and down the screen, they rapidly fire shots to try to destroy your missile. If necessary, you may protect your missile by hiding behind one of the four white shields. When a shot hits your missile, it is destroyed and is automatically replaced by one of your remaining missiles.

You must shoot down the invaders one at a time. To move right or left, press the ← (S) or → (D) keys as needed, and press Y to fire your missile. Keep in mind that the invaders are firing at your missile too, so be prepared to maneuver quickly. You may also press the → (J) or ← (K) keys to move your missile and Q to fire your missile if you prefer to use the other side of the keyboard. If you use the Wired Remote Controllers, move the lever horizontally to maneuver the missile and press the FIRE button to fire the missile.

When your missile has been demolished, you can return to the option screen by pressing BACK or you may begin a new game with the same options by pressing REDO.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by destroying the invaders before they destroy all your missiles.

While the attack is in progress, a yellow control spaceship periodically cruises across the top of the screen to "supervise" the creatures' attack. If you hit the spaceship, you earn from 25 to 300 points depending on the location on the hit. This spaceship appears approximately every 20 seconds giving you several opportunities to increase your score substantially.

When all of the creatures have been destroyed, a red spaceship crosses the top of the screen. Each hit causes the red ship to shrink, reverse direction, and race for the other screen edge. Track the ship down and hit it again and again to keep it on the screen. Each hit delays the creatures from attacking again and earns you points.

If the red spaceship slips off the screen, a new group of creatures attacks. The new attack is like the previous one except there are more attackers of higher point value, allowing you to increase your score more rapidly. As you progress through several attacks, new creatures are being added to the attack.

End of the Game

The game is over when all of your missiles have been demolished or when the invading creatures reach the level of your missile. To play another game with the same skill level, press REDO. To play a game at a different skill level, press BACK, and the program returns to the skill selection list. To end a session with the game, press QUIT to return to the master title screen.



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