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Ms. Pac-Man is one of the first sequels of the very popular video game Pac-Man. The port for the TI-99/4A home computer system was developed by Atarisoft and released on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module cartridge. It was originally sold starting during the second quarter of 1984 as part number RX 8543 and sold for $44.95 (USD). It was ported for the TI-99/4A by Howard Scheer.

Ms. Pac-Man
Front of Retail Packaging for Ms. Pac-Man for the TI-99/4A
Ms. Pac-Man Retail Packaging [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Atarisoft
Original Retail Price $44.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Howard Scheer
Part# RX 8543
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1984 (2nd quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Maze


Ms. Pac-Man plays similarly to the original Pac-Man video game. Points are earned in much the same manner, by eating pellets to clear levels, all while avoiding the ghosts. Running into a ghost leads to the player losing one life. However, when the player runs over or "eats" an energizer or "power pallet," it turns all ghosts blue, meaning they are vulnerable to being consumed by Ms. Pac-Man. Each ghost eaten consecutively increases the point value. Occasionally, fruit or other or pretzels appear in the middle of the board that also give the player bonus points. With each round of the game, the ghosts become faster, and the duration of ghost vulnerability shortens, making it much more challenging for the player.

Advertising Blurbs

Triton Catalog - Spring 1985

Would you like to dine with a lady who has a real appetite for fun and games? Join Ms. Pac-Man as you eat your way through four different mazes featuring floating apples, oranges, pears, bananas and even pretzels.

From Back of Retail Packaging

It was the love match of the century, Pac-Man, star of the arcade, and his leading lady, the unforgettable Ms. Pac-Man through four different mazes as she gobbles up dots, energy pills, fruit and pretzels. But watch out! The ghosts aren't far behind her. Can she escape them?

Fun Facts

Ms. Pac-Man, the first sequel to the wildly popular arcade hit Pac-Man. It was created by General Computer Corporation (GCC) which was originally a simple enhancement kit for exiting Pac-Man machines. Atari originally set out to sue GCC for distributing the modifications to the original arcade game. Eventually, however, Atari hired the programmers from GCC to help create other sequels and original video games for them.


The Audience Enters

NOTE: Compatible with all TI 99/4A computers except units with a Version 2.2 Operating System.

Load the MS. PAC-MAN cartridge into your TI 99/4A Home Computer as explained in your computer owner's guide, and tum on your computer. If you have a joystick controller, plug it into the controller jack. NOTE: Make sure that the ALPH A LOCK key is in the up position when using joysticks. If you do not have joysticks, refer to the keyboard controls chart to play using the keyboard. Press the + (plus) key to choose the level of difficulty - from Level 1 through Level 9. Press 1 or 2 to choose a one- or two-player game. To go immediately to game play; press enter.

Press (9) to bring up the options screen. You may return to this screen at any time by pressing (9). Press (8) to restart the game at any time. To pause in the middle of the game, press the space bar. Press the space bar again to resume play:

The Plot

PAC-MAN is in love! And what a star his sweetheart is, with her red hair ribbon and long eyelashes. Just like her leading man, MS. PAC-MAN chomps her way through mazes as she battles four ghosts. Round and round, back and forth, across the stage she races as she gobbles up dots, energizers and tantalizing goodies. Can she escape the marauding ghosts? Will it be the final curtain for her? Will PAC-MAN ever see his lady love again?

The Curtain Rises

MS. PAC-MAN appears at center stage. To earn her curtain call, she must eat all the dots in each maze before she is gobbled up herself by the four ghosts.

But can she stall them? If she swallows one of the four energizers, the ghosts change into blue costumes. With only seconds to act she must chase them down and devour them before they change back into their everyday clothes.

As MS. PAC-MAN finishes each round, a new fruit or goodie appears on the screen, and the chase continues. Faster and faster she runs as she turns a corner here, avoids a trap there. The ghosts aren't far behind! Quickly she swallows an energizer, then turns back on them. But before she can bat her eyelashes, the ghosts change back and the chase is on again.

The Plot Thickens

This is one tough performance! MS. PAC-MAN must scramble through four different maze patterns. And the mouthwatering treats that bounce across the stage try to lure her toward the ghosts.

Fortunately; she has three lives in this show. But once they're gone, her performance is over - and so is the game! But she can earn an encor'3. If she gets through the banana mazes, MS. PAC-MAN enters the random fruit mazes. So hold your applause until the final curtain.

Stage Directions

Here are some tips on strategy:

□ . . . Make sure MS. PAC-MAN eats the dots as quickly as she can. But don't let her take the energizers too early; or she'll lose her only edge over the ghosts. Wait until they start to gain on her. Then she can tease them toward an energizer before she gobbles it up and turns the chase on them.

□ . . . Remember, each maze has escape tunnels that lead off stage and back on again and safe spots where MS. PAC-MAN can hide. They could save her life.


Maze Scoring Points
1 Ms. Pacman - Cherries.png 100
2 Ms. Pac-Man - Strawberry.png 200
3 Ms. Pac-Man - Orange.png 500
4 Ms. Pac-Man - Pretzel.png 700
5 Ms. Pac-Man - Apple.png 1,000
6 Ms. Pac-Man - Pear.png 2,000
7 Ms. Pac-Man - Banana.png 5,000
8 Random Fruit 100 to 5,000
Level Points
Dot 10
Energy pill 50
First Ghost 200
Second Ghost 400
Third Ghost 800
Fourth Ghost 1,600
First 10,000 points one extra life

Keyboard Controls

Right Handed Left Handed
Up E I
Down X M
Left S J
Right D K



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