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Moonsweeper is a action/Shooter style video game created by Imagic for multiple video game systems including the TI-99/4A. It was programmed by Manolito Adan. It was distributed by Texas Instruments (TI) and sold on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module cartridge as part number PHM 3224. It was released during the first quarter of 1984 and originally retailed for $39.95 (USD).

Moonsweeper Manual Front Cover
Moonsweeper Retail Packaging [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Imagic
Original Retail Price $39.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Manolito Adan
Part# PHM 3224
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1984 (1st quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Shooter


The player's goal in Moonsweeper is to rescue miners from moons in Star Quadrant Jupiter. The player starts in deep space near the sun in the same quadrant. He/she must first avoid deadly aurora flares, photon torches, and space bullets coming from the sun. Occassionally as you fly through space, a moon will pass by. Flying near a moon causes the USS Moonsweeper controlled by the player to descend to the surface of that moon. The player then flies where he/she will begin to see miners along its surface. The ultimate goal for the player is to collect all the stranded miners from the surface by flying over them. The moons' surfaces also present a multitude of obstacles that the player needs to avoid. These include towers and lunar satelittes. Once the player has collected six miners (the maximum number the USS Moonsweeper can carry) the player must take off from the moon's surface by using the accelerator rings to return the miners. The player does have the ability to shoot photon torpedoes ans shields to help them along the way.

Advertising Blurb

Spring 1984 Triton Catalog

Alert, alert! As pilot of the USS Moonsweeper, you must rescue miners, land while evading photon torches and satellites, defend your ship from space bullets and armed launchers. Then catch accelerator rings to pick up speed and escape! A 1-player game. (Wired Remote Controllers recommended.)

From Front of User Manual

USS Moonsweeper alert! Reach and rescue miners stranded on hostile moons in Star Quadrant "Jupiter 2." Warning! Deadly photon torches, space bullets, and armed launcher ships are programmed to destroy you.


Introducing Moonsweeper

Powerful forces have conquered the moons in Star Quadrant Jupiter 2 and taken control of the mines. The miners have escaped,but are stranded on the moons of Jupiter. Pilot the USS Moons weeper through dangerous photon torches and satellites to reach a moon. On the moon, defend your ship from obstacles and enemies as you rescue miners. Rescue six miners and use the accelerator rings to pick up speed. Then, blast off into orbit to begin another rescue mission.

With Moonsweeper, you

  • Control the flight and defense of the USS Moonsweeper
  • Battle evil forces on two different game screens
  • Enjoy colorful graphics and exciting sound effects
  • Progress through increasing levels of difficulty in this one-player game
  • Use Joystick Controllers or keyboard control

The Moonsweeper Mission

As the pilot of the USS Moonsweeper. you must rescue the miners stranded on the moons of Jupiter. Maneuver your ship to destroy photon torches and satellites in orbit. Then, fly the Moonsweeper to an orbiting moon to begin the rescue. Beware of towers and hostile surface destroyers! Your score increases as you rescue miners and destroy the enemy's towers, surface destroyers, and launcher ships. Once you have rescued the six miners the Moonsweeper can carry, fly through accelerator rings. When you have gained enough speed, you escape the moon and return to Jupiter's orbit to continue your mission.

Journey to the Moons

As the game begins, you are piloting one of your five Moonsweepers in Jupiter's orbit. You must reach one of the moons to begin your rescue. Dangerous obstacles are also orbiting the planet. Destroy these obstacles as you try to reach a moon.

Dangers in Space

Destroy or outmaneuver these dangerous obstacles before they track your position and destroy your ship!

Moonsweeper - Photon Torch.png Photon torch
Moonsweeper - Satellite.png Satellite

Leaving Space

Pilot the Moonsweeper to one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. When you fly over the moon, you enter its gravity field and descend automatically.

The colors of the moons indicate levels of increasing difficulty. Blue and green moons can be found in all orbits. Yellow and red moons appear in later orbits.

Moon Level
Blue Beginner
Green Intermediate
Yellow Advanced
Red Supreme Challenge

Rescue on the Moons

After you reach a moon, you cruise above the lunar surface in search of miners. You see the miners who are waiting for rescue from the surface of the moon. Swiftly fly over them to transport them aboard your craft.

Dangers on the Moons

The moons hold many dangers for the USS Moonsweeper. Enemy launcher ships drop surface destroyers that fire deadly space bullets from all angles. You must dodge the space bullets while firing at enemy craft and rescuing miners.

Watch out for tall towers! A collision means destruction for the Moonsweeper.

Destroy these enemies on the moons:

Moonsweeper - Tower.png Tower
Moonsweeper - Surface Destroyers.png Surface destroyers
Moonsweeper - Launcher Ship.png Launcher ship

Leaving the Moon

When the USS Moonsweeper has a full passenger load of six miners, gain speed by flying through accelerator rings and blast off into orbit.

Jupiter has four orbits, numbered 0 through 3. You advance to the next orbit each time you blast off. After your third blast-off, you return to the first orbit.

Rescue and Defense

Maneuvering the USS Moons weeper through enemy territory requires strategy and quick thinking. Transport miners to safety by dodging attackers. Defend your ship by firing short-range and long-range missiles. The control panel at the bottom of the screen allows you to monitor your speed, the direction of your fire, and the location of the miners. The panel also shows the number of the orbit and the number of remaining Moons weepers. Watch your fuel gauge! You lose a ship when you run out of fuel.

Reaching the Surface of a Moon

You can pilot the Moonsweeper to any one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. To reach a moon, fly the Moonsweeper over it.

Rescuing the Miners

As you fly over the moon's surface, maneuver your ship to rescue a maximum of six miners. As your skills improve, fly at a fast speed to pick up miners quickly. Confirm a rescue by hearing the sound and seeing a symbol for the rescued miner appear on the control panel. To rescue miners:

  • Watch the radar spotter on your control panel to see where the next miner appears
  • Pick up miners by flying over them

Blasting Off from a Moon

After you have picked up six miners, accelerator rings appear on the surface of the moon. The rings are your only means of reaching blast-off speed. Fly through the rings until you gain enough speed to blast off into space.

If your ship is destroyed before blasting off, you must pilot your new ship through accelerator rings to regain speed.

Defending the Moonsweeper

You have short-range and long-range missiles in the Moonsweeper's arsenal. Short-range missiles can be fired more rapidly than long-range.

During your flight through space, all missiles are long-range and can destroy all obstacles.

For best effect when fighting on a moon, use short-range missiles to destroy surface destroyers and towers. Use long-range missiles to destroy launcher ships.


You earn 10 points for every satellite you destroy in orbit. On the moons, you earn points for rescuing miners, destroying enemies, and blasting off successfully. Point values increase as you progress to more difficult moons. For every 10,000 points, you receive an extra Moonsweeper, 100 bonus points, and a full fuel tank. You can have only five Moons weepers at a time. If you have five Moonsweepers and reach a 10,000-point mark, you do not receive an extra ship, 100 bonus points, or a full fuel tank.

Moon Rescue Miner Shoot tower of surface destroy Shoot launcher ship Blast off
Blue 10 10 200 900
Green 20 10 200 1225
Yellow 30 40 300 1470
Red 40 80 300 1960

Piloting the USS Moonsweeper

The USS Moonsweeper is the miners' only hope for survival. Race to their rescue and escape before the enemy forces destroy you. You can pilot the USS Moonsweeper using the keyboard or Joystick Controllers. Fire your missiles to destroy obstacles and enemies.

Navigating Your Ship with the Keyboard

Use these keys to maneuver your ship.

Press Actions
() S, J Moves ship left
() D, K Moves ship right
E, I Increases speed
X, M Decreases speed

Firing Missiles with the Keyboard

Use these keys to fire missiles.

Press Action
Q, Y, V, or (.) Fires missiles in space and short-range missiles on moons
1 or 6 Fires missiles in space and long-range missiles on moons

Navigating Your Ship with Joysticks

Use the joysticks to maneuver your ship.

Press Action
Lever left Moves ship left
Lever right Moves ship right
Lever forward (toward FIRE button) Increases speed
Lever backward (away from FIRE button) Decreses speed

Firing Missiles with Joysticks

Use the joysticks to fire missiles.

Press Action
FIRE Fires missiles in space and short-range missiles on moons
Lever backward and press FIRE Fires missiles in space and long-range missiles on moons

Note: The ALPHA LOCK must be in the OFF (up) position when using the Joystick Controllers.

Special Features

Several features of Moonsweeper allow you to pause during game action, end the game, and play the game again.

Using Pause During the Game

You can stop the action in space or on the moons by pressing P. Press any key to resume play.

Ending the Game

The Moonsweeper mission ends automatically when your last Moonsweeper is destroyed. You may end the game at any time by pressing QUIT to return to the master title screen.

Playing the Game Again

You may go back to the beginning of the game by pressing BACK to return to the Moonsweeper title screen or by pressing REDO to play again.



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