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Jungle Hunt is a video game created by Taito of American that was eventually ported to the TI-99/4A home computerby Atarisoft. It was released for Texas Instruments (TI) during the 2nd quarter of 1984 and sold on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module cartridge. The program for TI was ported by several programmers including Jim Dramis, Paul Urbanus, Garth Dollahite. It originally retailed for $44.95 (USD).

Jungle Hunt
Front of Retail Packaging for Jungle Hunt for the TI-99/4A
Jungle Hunt Retail Packaging [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Atarisoft
Original Retail Price $44.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Jim Dramis, Paul Urbanus, Garth Dollahite
Part# RX 8528
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1984 (2nd quarter)
Genre(s) Action


Jungle Hunt consists of four unique levels of play called scenes. Each scene has a different objective described below:

Scene one is the jungle scene. The player on this level has to swing from vine to vine, timing each jump from one vine to land perfectly on the next. Missing the next vine results in the player falling to the jungle floor which results in the loss of one life.

Scene two is the water scene. The player swims through a crocodile-infested river. The player can attack crocodiles from beneath using a knife. However, if the crocodile's mouth is open, the player cannot successfully attack without losing one life. The player must periodically surface for air to prevent drowning. Bubbles will occasionally rise from the river's floor which can trap the player, carrying him/her to the surface or causing the player to float into a crocodile.

Scene three is the rock scene. The player dodges multiple-sized boulders that roll and bounce towards him as he/she runs up the side of a volcano. Timing, again, is critical. The different-sized rocks bounce at different speeds and heights. Failing to dodge the boulders with the right timing can trap the player between them.

Scene four is the native scene. The player attempts to rescue a woman who is being lowered into a flaming cauldron while evading cannibals that have her captured. If successful in rescuing the woman, the words "Congratulations!" and "I Love You!!!" appear showing completion of the sequence.

After freeing the woman, the player repeats the four scenes above with increased difficulty. For example, on the first native scene, the cannibals don't throw spears, but all cycles after the first they do.

Advertising Blurb

Fall 1985 Triton Catalog

Hungry cannibals have captured a fair maiden. To save here you must traverse the treacherous jungle terrain, swing from vines, swim Reptile River, dodge cascading rocks, and more.

From Back of Retail Packaging

Guess who they're having for dinner? Savage cannibals have kidnapped your traveling companion, and you must rescue her before they turn her into stew! In the deep jungle forest, you jump from rope to rope. Then you brave the crocodile-infested river and a landslide of huge boudlers. You reach the cannibal's campsite just in time - your sweetie hangs suspended over a hot cauldron of boiling goo!


Starting the Hunt

NOTE: Compatible with all TI 99/4A computers except units with a Version 2.2 Operating System

Load the JUNGLE HUNT cartridge into your TI 99/4A as explained in your computer owner's guide, and turn on your computer. Plug joysticks into the joystick controller. NOTE: Make sure the ALPHA LOCK key is in the up position when using joysticks. If you are not using joysticks, consult the Keyboard Control Chart for instructions on using the keyboard.

The Master Title Screen should be displayed on the screen. Press any key to display the master selection list. Press the numbered key which corresponds to Jungle Hunt and the game title screen will appear. Press any key to display the Options Screen, which will allow you to choose one of three difficulty levels. Press ENTER to proceed directly to game play.

Keyboard Controls

Right Handed Left Handed
Up E I
Down X M
Left S J
Right D K
Fire Button Y or . Q or V

The Primitive Jungle

You and your travel companion were enjoying a leisurely jungle safari when suddenly you were accosted by two savage cannibals. They spirited away your lady friend and plan to stew her up for dinner. You'd better rescue her quickly or your sweetie will be supper!

But you have an inkling where they've taken her. To reach her, you must swing through an impassable jungle on ropes, swim through a crocodile infested river, maneuver through a landslide of boulders, and finally fight off the horde of savages wielding pointed spears. Your darling is suspended over a steaming cauldron of bubbling broth, and is steadily slipping into the drink.+

On With the Hunt

The hunter starts each game with four lives and earns a fifth upon scoring 10,000 points. When the hunt starts, your timer will count down from 5000. You must reach your lady love before it runs out. You'll score more bonus points for rescuing her quickly; so don't waste time!

The forest will test your coordination and timing as you swing from the dangling ropes and jump by pressing the "FIRE" button from one to the next. Since some ropes swing faster than others, you'll have to time your leaps carefully Don't wait too long to jump, or the hunter will become weak and fall into the brush.

From the last of the trees, you jump into the crocodile-infested river. Once in the water, you must swim out of the way of the crocs or fend them off with your knife. Press the "FIRE" button to stab them. Beware: make sure you stab them in the snout - your knife is useless if their mouths are open. Keep an eye on the air gauge though, because if you run out of air while underwater, you'll lose a life. Just resurface to replenish your air supply When you reach the riverbank, the boulder field lies ahead.

As the rocks tumble toward you, jump over them or run beneath to avoid being crushed. You can control your left or right movement with the joystick, leap into the air by pressing the "FIRE" button, and jump higher if the joystick is pressed up.

Once you've passed the boulders, you're finally in reach of your companion, but she's being guarded by spear-wielding savages. You must dodge the dancing cannibals by running left or right and jumping over their spears. You finally leap up to your love for a tearful reunion, followed by a reward of additional bonus points for any time remaining.


Jungle Hunt - Forest Scene.jpg FOREST SCENE

Each Successful jump on rope ... 100

Bonus for finishing ... 500

Jungle Hunt - Water Scene.jpg WATER SCENE

Novice level ... 100

Experienced level ... 200

Advanced level ... 300

Bonus for finishing ... 500

Jungle Hunt - Rock Scene.jpg ROCK SCENE

Leaping over rock ... 200

Running under rock ... 50

bonus for finishing ... 500

Jungle Hunt - Native Scene.jpg NATIVE SCENE

Leaping over natives ... 100

Rescuing maiden ... 1000

Plus any additional value remaining on timer

BONUSES An extra life for the Hunter is awarded at 10,000 points. The current number of Hunters in reserve is displayed at the top of the screen.



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