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Jawbreaker II is an action, maze video game published by Sierra On-Line. It was released for the TI-99/4A in the third quarter of 1983 and distributed on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module as part# PHM 3194. It was programmed by Dan Drew and converted for use on the TI-99/4A by John M. Phillips. Its original retail price was $39.95 (USD).

Jawbreaker II
Jawbreaker II Manual Cover
Jawbreaker II Manual (Front Cover) [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Sierra On-Line
Original Retail Price $39.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Dan Drew conversion by John M. Phillips
Part# PHM 3194
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 (4th Quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Maze


Jawbreaker II Cartridge

In Jawbreaker II, the player controls a large set of teeth that munches everything in sight. The screen is a series of rows of Dots and moving passages. The player's goal is to eat all the Dots without being hit by one of the Grinning Gobblers. There are Energizers on each level, which give the player power to eat the Grinning Gobblers. Each consecutive Grinning Gobbler is worth increasing points when eaten after a single Energizer. A level is cleared when all the Dots and Energizers are eaten.

Advertising Blurb

Front Cover of Manual

Evade the relentless Grinning Gobblers as they chase you through a maze of shifting walls and escape routes. Try to reach an Energizer and gain invincible power.

Triton Catalog - Fall 1984

A 1-player arcade game of sudden danger and narrow escapes. You control the Jawbreaker, a powerful set of crunchers. Race through 5 shifting mazes before your power runs out - raising your score by devouring Dots and Special Treats, evading Grinning Gobblers, and munching Energizers. (Joysticks recommended.)



Jawbreaker is a thrilling one-player game of narrow escapes and sudden danger. You control the Jawbreaker, a powerful set of teeth, and race through a maze of shifting walls and doors. Y our score climbs as you clear each screen by devouring Dots and Special Treats. A toothbrush cleans your teeth to get you ready for more action. Avoid the Grinning Gobblers as they come at you from either side. Eating Energizers gives you the power to chase and destroy the Gobblers. Watch out-your power is only temporary. Soon the Grinning Gobblers will turn and attack!

With Jawbreaker, you can:

  • Play any one of five increasingly difficult levels of the game
  • Use Wired Remote Controllers (joysticks) or keyboard control
  • With keyboard control, use preset keys or select your own keys to play the game
  • Enjoy sound effects that enliven the action

Getting Started

When the Jawbreaker title screen appears, press any key to begin. First, select the way you want to move the Jawbreaker, using the Wired Remote Controllers (joysticks), default (preset) keys, or personally selected keys. Then, select your level of play. Once you select the level of play, the game begins.

To Control the Jawbreaker

When the "Select Input" screen appears, you see these choices:


Your choice determines the way you move the Jawbreaker up, down, left, or right on the screen.

To Use the Joysticks

Press 1 to select joystick control. Move the lever in the desired direction. Do not press the FIRE button when moving the joystick lever. If you accidentally press the FIRE button, release the button to resume joystick movement.

Lever Position Direction on the screen
Forward (toward the FIRE button) Up
Backward (away from the FIRE button) Down
Left Left
Right Right

Note: The ALPHA LOCK must be in the OFF (up) position when using the Wired Remote Controllers.

To Use the Default Keys

Press 1 to select the default keys. You can use default keys on either the left or right side of the keyboard.

Keys Directions on the screen
(↑) E (↑) I Up
(↓) X (↓) M Down
(←) S (←) J Left
(→) D (→) K Right

To Select Your Own Keys

Press 2 to choose your own keys. A list of directions appears on the screen:


l. Choose your own keys. You can select only letters or the SPACE BAR. (Note: P is used to pause in the middle of a game and cannot be a direction key.)

2. Press the key you want to use for moving the Jawbreaker up. If you press a letter key, the letter appears next to UP. If you press the SPACE BAR, a letter does not appear.

3. One by one, press the keys you want to use for moving the Jawbreaker down, left, and right.

4. This question appears on the screen:



Press Y (Yes) to go to the Select Level " screen.

Press N (No) to select new keys or to choose the joysticks or default keys.

To Make Your Game Selection

You can choose from five levels. They range from Teddy Bear, the slowest level, to Jawbreaker, a level of fast and furious play.

When the Jawbreaker selection list appears, you see these choices:

Jawbreaker II Level Selection Screen

Press the number of the game you wish to play.

To Pause During a Game

When using default keys or joysticks, press P or T. When using personally selected keys, press P. Press any key to resume the game.

Playing the Game

Move the Jawbreaker to consume as many Dots and Special Treats as possible while avoiding the Grinning Gobblers. Or, consume an Energizer and gain the power to devour the Grinning Gobblers. Escape or pursue the Grinning Gobblers by passing through the moving doors. Watch your score mount at the bottom of the screen.



  • Begin moving from the center of the screen
  • One in play and three to spare (Note: Number to spare appears on screen when you lose a Jawbreaker or begin a new screen.)


  • Can escape or pursue through doors
  • Cannot leave the screen
  • Can devour Dots, Special Treats, and Energizers
  • Can gain power from Energizers to attack Grinning Gobblers


  • Avoid Grinning Gobblers
  • Devour Dots, Special Treats, and Energizers for points
  • Eat Energizers to attack Grinning Gobblers

Dots Dots.png


  • Along all rows

Power • Add points when eaten by Jawbreaker


  • Vanish if Jawbreaker eats them
Grinning Gobblers
Grinning Gobblers


  • Begin moving from left or right
  • Four on separate rows


  • Move on and off screen
  • Cannot pass through a door
  • Chase and devour Jawbreaker in the same row
  • Change and become more aggressive as you score more points


  • Pursue Jawbreaker in same row
  • Flee from energized Jawbreaker in same row
  • Change to ghosts when eaten by


  • Return to original color and shape after Energizer wears off
  • Chase Jawbreaker when Energizer wears off


  • Flash in each corner
  • Four with each new screen


  • Give temporary power to Jawbreaker


  • Vanish when eaten
  • Turn Grinning Gobblers blue (Note: Flashing colors signal end of power is near.)
Special Treats


  • Appear at center of screen Power
  • Add points when eaten by Jawbreaker


  • Appear in order of point value-Candy Cane, Lollipop, Melon Slice, and Candy Mountain
  • Stay on screen briefly
  • Vanish if a Grinning Gobbler passes over them

If the Jawbreaker successfully eats all Dots and Energizers, the game action stops. A Toothbrush appears and brushes the teeth of the Jawbreaker. You begin with a new screen.

Point Values and Bonuses
Dot 5
Energizer 20
Candy Cane 200
Lollipop 400
Melon Slice 600
Candy Mountain 800
Grinning Gobblers
First 100
Second 200
Third 400
Fourth 800
A new Jawbreaker is earned for each 10,000 points scored (Note: You can have only five Jawbreakers to spare.)

Getting Ready for More Action

Strategies help you become a stronger player. As you become more experienced, you may wish to play at more advanced levels that will challenge your new skills. Watch your playing ability improve with each successful game.


Attack Grinning Gobblers through a door directly above or below them.

Move with caution when the Grinning Gobblers begin to flash their usual colors.

Devour all the Energizers before eating all the Dots.

Attack four Gobblers each time your Jawbreaker is energized to gain the most points.

Use the power of an Energizer completely before eating another.

To Play Another Game

A game ends after you lose your last Jawbreaker. You then see this screen:

Jawbreaker II End Screen

  • To play using the same options, press REDO and begin again.
  • To play using different options, press BACK. You return to the Jawbreaker title screen and then follow screen directions to select your new options.



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