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Congo Bongo is a port of the popular Sega arcade game by the same name. Congo Bongo is an action game released for the TI-99/4A home computer system in the 3rd quarter of 1983 on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module gaming cartridge. Congo Bongo for the TI-99/4A originally retailed for $39.95 (USD). The game itself received its name from the Sega CEO at the time Peter W. Gorrie. Some have asserted that the game is crafted after the Atari game Donkey Kong, however there are many unique differences that separate the game from Donkey Kong.

Congo Bongo
Congo Bongo Manual Cover
Congo Bongo (Front Cover) [1]
Publisher(s) Sega Distributed by Texas Instruments
Original Retail Price $39.95 (USD)
Part# PHM 3227
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 3rd Quarter
Genre(s) Action


In Congo Bongo the player, represented by a red-nosed safari hunter, navigates a forest in search of an ape named "Bongo." He is after Bongo for revenge. It is said that Bongo set the safari hunter's tent on fire as an apparent practical joke. Congo Bongo consists of four one-screen stages, each with an objective to jump on platforms and reach the top. Numerous different animals attempt to hinder the player from attaining his/her goal. For example, in the first level, a large gorilla throws coconuts. The safari hunter has no weapons to combat these attempts to thwart him/her. His/her only defense is to either jump enemy attacks or avoid them completely.

Advertising Blurbs

Front Cover of Manual

You are a hunter on a jungle safari. Reach the mischievous Congo Bongo by escaping wild monkeys, skull-crushing coconuts, and poisonous snakes. Ominous jungle drums warn you of the dangers that lie ahead-but it's too late to turn back!

Triton Catalog - Fall 1984

Your heart thumps in time to the ominous jungle drums . . . as you survive attacks by menacing monkeys, loco coconuts, and killer snakes. You're on safari to find the king of the jungle - if you live! Increases in challenge levels as your skills improve. (Joysticks recommended.)


Introducing Congo Bongo

You are a hunter on a safari. Journey up rocky cliffs and across the treacherous river in your search for Congo Bongo-king of the jungle. Beware of tropical dangers! You can lose your life if you come in contact with skull-crushing coconuts, poisonous snakes, or wild monkeys. Survive the other perils of the jungle to come face to face with Congo Bongo.

With Congo Bongo, you can

  • Brave dangers on mountain cliffs and jungle river banks
  • Enjoy lively graphics that enhance your adventure
  • Hear sound effects that add to the excitement of your jungle safari
  • Experience more challenging levels as your skills improve
  • Select keyboard or Joystick Controllers

Preparing for the Safari

Journey through two jungle terrains. Your challenge is to first climb the steep mountain and then cross the great river to Congo Bongo's hideaway. You begin each safari with five hunters. Dangers threaten you at every turn. Be careful! With one false step, you lose a hunter and return to the beginning of the trail. When you reach Congo Bongo, your safari starts again at a faster pace and with new perils.

Climbing the Mountains

Find your way to the top of the mountain by trying different paths. Use your skill and agility to avoid constant danger.

You encounter

  • Steep cliffs
  • Swift streams
  • Skull-crushing coconuts
  • Poisonous snakes
  • Wild monkeys

Crossing the River

Cross the river by jumping on lily pads, hippos, islands, or fish.

You face

  • Fast-moving waters
  • Dangerous heights
  • Charging rhinos

Losing a Hunter

You begin each game with five hunters. The number of remaining hunters appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

Hunters are lost when they

  • Fall off a cliff
  • Fall into the water
  • Are struck by coconuts
  • Are tossed off a cliff by wild monkeys

Advancing to New Levels

You advance to the next level of play when you reach Congo Bongo's hideaway in the high cliffs on the far river bank. The hunter returns to the foot of the jungle mountain to begin another climb. The game becomes more difficult as its speed increases and you encounter more wild beasts.

Beginning the Safari

When the title screen appears, press any key to begin. The hunter starts the safari at the bottom of the mountain. Move the hunter with either the keyboard or the Joystick Controllers. Make the hunter jump to cross streams and rivers. Beware of attacking monkeys! If one catches you, escape it by jumping. If two monkeys catch you, there is no escape. They throw you off the cliff!

Using the Keyboard

Move the hunter by pressing these keys.

Press Action
(→) D Moves hunter right
(←) S Moves hunter left
(↑) E Moves hunter up
(↓) X Moves hunter down
Y Makes hunter jump

Using the Joystick Controllers

Move the hunter by using the Joystick Controllers.

Press Action
Lever right Moves hunter right
Lever left Moves hunter left
Lever forward (away from FIRE button) Moves hunter up
Lever backward (toward FIRE button) Moves hunter down
FIRE button Makes hunter jump

Note: The ALPHA LOCK must be in the OFF (up) position when Joystick Controllers are used.

Continuing the Safari

Earn points for each step your hunter takes on the safari. Score additional points by jumping while climbing the mountain. The game ends when you lose five hunters. You can end the game at any time by pressing QUIT.


Your score is automatically calculated and appears on the screen.

Action Points
Take a step 10
Jumping while climbing mountain 190

Ending the Game

The game ends when you

  • Lose five hunters
  • Press QUIT



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