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Burger Builder for the TI-99/4A is a clone of the popular arcade and console game BurgerTime. Burger Builder, like BurgerTime represents a good example of an Action/Platform game. It was created by Software specialties in 1983, but it was never released until the 3rd quarter of 1987 by DataBioTics. It originally retailed for $19.95.

Burger Builder
Burger Builder Manual Cover
Burger Builder (Front Cover) [1]
Publisher(s) DaTaBioTics
Original Retail Price $19.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Glen Groves
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1987 (3rd Quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Platform


The player in Burger Builder controls a short-order chef who's job it is to make four hamburgers on each level. He does so by climbing ladders and walking over the pieces of the hamburger (bottom bun, beef pattie, lettuce, top bun), that are suspended on platforms. A level is completed when all four hamburgers on that level have been prepared on the plates below.

The job of completing the burgers is made more challenging with enemies that protect each platform level. These enemies start out on each level as hotdogs. The player can destroy the enemies by dropping burger parts on top of them from higher-up levels. However, upon doing so, the hotdog reincarnates into a more difficult foe. Possible enemies include Hotdog, Swiss Cheese, Pickle, and Mushroom. One unique feature of the enemies in Burger Builder vs. BurgerTime is that unlike BurgerTime where the enemies can go up and down ladders, the enemies in Burger Builder are attached to one platform of the game and don't ascend or descend ladders at all.

A Second unique difference between Burger Builder and BurgerTime is that in BugerTime, the most effective strategy is to start with the topmost burger element, which is always the top bun. In BurgerTime, after dropping the top bun, it causes a chain reaction where the top bun falls to the next burger ingredient on the platform below, causing it to fall on the next ingredient below, etc. In Burger Builder, however; you always have to start on the bottom bun and work your way up. The parts of the burger will only drop if the platform below is devoid of another ingredient.

Points are earned for destroying enemies by dropping burger elements on top of them. Points are also earned for each completed burger.

Advertising Blurbs

Triton Catalog - Fall 1988

If you believe that all fast food burgers are greasy, then test your skill and challenge this philosophy with Burger Builder, the "hot" new arcade cartridge.

You become the short-order cook as you skillfully drop the Fixin's onto buns, racing against time to make hamburgers and advance tot he next level for more excitement. Another creation of Software Specialties.


Burger Builder Cartridge for TI-99/4A


The Fast Food Industry has penetrated every nook and cranny of everyday life. In the past just as we have had House Builders, Bridge Builders, Midnite Masons (Wall Builders), now one of the most honored professions is ... BURGER BUILDER! Your job as head of your fast food franchise is to generate ever greater profits in honor of free enterprise, the American spirit and your pocketbook. Speed and agility are the ticket as some of the items used have mutated, and after being rehydrated (water added) from their freeze-dried shipping condition become very active. To preserve your profits (and you), burgers are their biggest attraction. Build those burgers fast enough and - NO PROBLEM, otherwise it's goodbye for your fast food franchise ... and you.


  1. Insert the module into the slot on the console. Turn the computer ON, and wait for the master title screen to appear.
  2. Press any key to make the master selection list appear. Press the key corresponding to the number beside BURGER BUILDER. Note. To remove the module, power OFF the computer. Then remove the module from the slot. Make sure the ALPHA LOCK is OFF.

Game Play

Either the keyboard, or joystick 1 may be used to start the play and launch the ball.

Game Progression

Press REDO or FIRE to begin play. Use the joystick or keyboard arrow keys (S,D,E,X) to guide the chest around the ladders and platforms. Walking over a burger part will cause it to drop to the next level if the next level is empty. Try to drop the parts onto the moving hotdog for extra points. If you succeed the hotdog will turn into a different and faster menace. Continue until all 4 hamburgers are built. You must build 4 hamburgers on the order plates at the bottom of the screen within the time limit shown on the screen bottom right.


Hotdog 100 points
Swiss Cheese 200 points
Pickle 300 points
Mushroom 400 points
Completed Burger 1000 points

Strategy Tips

  1. The Chef has just enough room to hide on the ladders between levels.
  2. The 'Fixins' always double back, in turn, from top to bottom.

Limited Warranty

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LIMITED WARRANTY - In return for your understanding of our legal rights, we guarantee this product to reliably perform as details in this documentation, subject to limitations here described, for a period of thirty days. If this product fails to perform as specified, we will either correct the flaw(s) within a period of 30 working days of return or let you return this product to the place of purchase for a refund. If you retailer does not cooperate, return this product to us. While we can't offer more cash than we received for the product, you have this choice: 1) Cash refund of the wholsesale price. 2) You may have a merchandise credit for the retail price which can be applied to any of our products. Any product returned must include the date and proof of purchase, the original product and all packaging and documentation. If the product is defective within the warranty period return it to us for a free replacement.

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FEEDBACK - Customer comments are VERY important to us. Please let us know how you consider the product. COPYRIGHT NOTICE - This module, module contents and documentation are Copyright © 1987 by DataBioTics.

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