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Anteater is an action video game created by Romox. It was released during the third quarter of 1983. It is a video game inspired by the arcade game Dig Dug. Anteater originally retailed for $44.95 (USD) and was released on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module.

Anteater Retail Packaging (Front)
Anteater Retail Packaging (Front) [1]
Publisher(s) Romox
Original Retail Price $44.95 (USD)
Part# ROM02025
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 (3rd Quarter)
Genre(s) Action


Anteater is a create your own maze-style game similar to Dig Dug. The player controls an ant that needs to collect food near the house in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and carry it to the nest in the opposite corner. The play creates tunnels in the dirt as the ant moves through. Anteaters await above ground to catch and eat the player's ants once they've reached the surface. Anteaters can also access tunnels in the dirt once they've been created.

The player has several defense mechanisms to combat the anteaters. The player can drop explosive eggs behind him/her in the path which will explode a few seconds later and kill and nearby anteaters. The player can also dig under a rock, which will cause it to fall. If an anteater is following close behind, this will destroy it.

The player begins the game with three ants and can be awarded extra ants each time all the food is successfully brought back to the nest. The game ends when the player loses all of there ants. The speed of the game increases and the number of anteaters increases as the game progresses.


ANTEATERTM is a one-player game. After inserting the ANTEATERTM ECPCTM game cartridge, turn on the system power and press any key for the system menu. Press #2 to enter ANTEATERTM. Type N for play without music, or D for demonstration mode only. By pressing 1 through 9, you may choose your starting level of difficulty.

The object of the game is survival. You gain points by moving the ant with the joystick from the colony to the food on the surface and back to the colony. However, when the ant breaks through the surface, he exposes himself to the deadly anteater.

The ant is armed with five deadly eggs that explode seconds after the fire button is depressed on the joystick or the ant may maneuver the anteater under a falling rock.

The ant moves faster than the eater when traveling in tunnels so you can adjust your distance for laying the delayed eggs by retracing your steps. You have three ants at the start of the game. Returning all four cubes to the colony completes the set and gives you an extra ant. On the second set, you must evade two eaters and on the third set, three eaters. The speed of the game increases with each set.

Good luck.



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