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Ambulance is a Funware game created for the TI-99/4A during the second quarter of 1983. It was programmed by Kent Stevenson. It was released on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module. It originally retailed for $39.95 (USD).

Ambulance Retail Box (Front)
Ambulance Retail Box (Front) [1]
Publisher(s) Funware
Original Retail Price $39.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) Kent Stevenson
Part# FW 1005
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 (2nd Quarter)
Genre(s) Action


In Ambulance, the player attempts to pick up patients and deliver them to the hospital. The player has to compete against the clock, delivering patients in the required amount of time, and also must avoid obstacles that vary from level to level. When a house begins to flash, it indicates to the player that a patient needs to be picked up. The player begins with three ambulances. The game ends when all of the ambulances are crashed or if five patients are lost.

Advertising Blurb

Back of Retail Packaging

Race your ambulance through the city to save ailing citizens. Avoid cars and approaching trains while making use of your emergency shelters. Score points for safe patient deliveries. Faster deliveries get more points!

Fun Fact

In 1983 there were at least 3 companies interested in purchasing Funware including Activision, Epyx, and Creative Software. Funware was eventually sold to Creative Software. However, both Epyx and Activision would later give a go at marketing TI-99/4A games near the end of 1983.

According to Michael Brouthers, it only cost Funware about $4.00 (USD) to make each cartridge game.[2]



  1. Follow manufacturer's instructions for setting up your Texas Instruments TI-99/4A Home Computer.
  3. Oject: Get sick people to hosptial or emergency centers before they die.
  4. Use joysticks or arrow keys to maneuver your ambulance around the city. To pick up a patient drive ambulance to appropriate house, move ambulance in direction needed to "park" at house, then press fire button (or Q key). Use the same sequence to drop off a patient.
  5. Scoring: Points are scored when patients are delivered to the hospital or the emergency centers. 50 points are awarded for deliveries to emergency centers regardless of the patient's condition. Hospital deliveries are rewarded with points based on the patient's condition. Poor (white): 300 points. Bad (red): 250 points. Critical (black): 200 points.
  6. Game end: 3 crashes or 5 deaths ends game.



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