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99 Home Sentry is a software package intended to be used with add-on devices (sold separately) to help with securing a home and to help with home automation. For example, when used with various modules and the X-10 Powerhouse, also by CorComp, 99 Home Sentry could be used to dim lights and turn them off, control the thermostat, and control appliances or lamps. It was released during the first quarter of 1986 and sold with the X-10 Starter System for $99.95 which included various add-ons. It was programmed by Mike Norton and was distributed on Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module.

99 Home Sentry
99 Home Sentry Title Screen
99 Home Sentry Title Screen [1]
Publisher(s) CorComp
Original Retail Price $99.95 (USD) as part of the X-10 Starter System
Programmer(s) Mike Norton
Part# QGAG
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1986 (1st Quarter)
Genre(s) Security, Home Automation


I really can't find any other information out about this software title. If anyone knows of a resource that gives additional information, please let me know. For example, if you have a better copy of the manual that you could take a higher resolution and color copy scan of, I would appreciate and give you credit for it here. Likewise, if you have a cartridge and could take a high-resolution photo of it, I would again love to use it on my site and give you the credit. Email me here!



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