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Playing Yahtzee
[[File:Yahtzee Scoreboard Screen.jpg|400px|center|thumb|Yahtzee Scoreboard Screen]]
The cursor (a flashing square) appears beside the 1 above the first yellow column, indicating that Player 1 goes first. The scores for Player 1 are entered in either of the yellow columns, and the points for Player 2 are entered in either of the blue columns. The scoring categories are shown to the left of the scoring columns.
To start the game, press '''ENTER'''. (In a one-player game, you are Player 1 and the computer is Player 2.) The computer then rolls the five dice. Next, press the numbers shown on the dice you want to keep. For example, if you roll 2, 2, 4, 5, 1 and decide to keep the twos, press '''2''' twice. A red line appears under each die you choose. If you make a mistake or change your mind, press '''ERASE''' and the underlines are erased. You can then reselect the dice you want to keep. After you have underlined the dice correctly, press '''ENTER''' to roll the other dice again. Each time you roll, you must reselect the dice you want to keep, or the computer rolls all five dice again.
The roll number is displayed on the left side of the screen under the
scoreboard, and you may roll the dice up to three times. After the third
roll, you must enter your points. However, you can enter points after
your first or second roll, if you prefer. Note: After each turn, you must
enter a score. If you cannot enter points in any of the categories, enter a
zero in any category you choose.
To enter your score, press the arrow keys, t .-.-, and ! . For a score
in column one, press t until you reach the category you want. To enter
points in the second column, press t until you reach the correct
category, or press - to move the cursor to the second column and then
press t to move down.
As you move the cursor on the scoreboard, the computer shows you
how many points you would receive in each available category (see
"Scoring"). You can then decide where to enter your roll. If you reach
the end of the second column and want to enter your score elsewhere,
simply press t or the other arrow keys as necessary to move the
cursor. When the cursor is positioned correctly, press ENTER to enter
your score. The computer then automatically totals your points for you.
Remember, once you enter your score in a certain category, you cannot
change it.

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