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Meteor Belt is an action/shooter video game created by Milton Bradley and distributed by Texas Instruments (TI). It was sold as a Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module cartridge as part # PHM 3152 for $49.94 (USD). It was originally released fourth quarter of 1983.

Meteor Belt
Meteor Belt Manual Cover
Meteor Belt Manual (Front Cover) [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Milton Bradley
Original Retail Price $49.95 (USD)
Part# PHM 3152
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 (4th Quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Shooter


Advertising Blurb

Front Cover of Manual

Who will survive this intergalactic duel?

Triton Catalog - Spring 1985

Challenge either the computer or another human opponent to an epic space duel. A belt of multicolored meteors separates your outpost from your enemy's. Your goal is to destroy the hostile ships and outpost before your enemy destroys you. Send a purple satellite deep into enemy territory with your deflector beam. You can even launch your own protective barriers, turning them into deadly "ship-hunting" drones.


Two Ways to Play Meteor Belt

This Meteor Belt cartridge can be played with the Texas Instruments Home Computer or with the Texas Instruments Home Computer and the MBX Expansion System. The MBX Expansion System adds new dimensions to your Texas Instruments Home Computer. This booklet contains instructions for using both systems. Instructions for each of the methods are separated by a bar format. The first bar, which is color coded in blue, tells you how to play the game with your MBX Expansion System. The second bar tells you how to play the game with your Texas Instruments Home Computer alone.

TI Home Computer with the MBX Expansion System

The MBX console plugs into your Texas Instruments Horne Computer. Refer to the set-up instructions in your MBX Expansion System booklet to properly connect the systems.

Here's What the MBX Expansion System Includes

  • MBX console with built-in action keypad
  • Triple-axis analog joystick
  • Headset microphone (not used with this cartridge)
  • Power supply
  • Fully-illustrated instruction booklet

Playing Meteor Belt with the MBX System

  • Triple-axis analogjoystick allows total maneuverability of screen objects.
  • Action-input keypad allows. quick response and flexibility.
  • Speech Synthesis allows you to hear phrases, prompts, and sound effects that are true-to-life, well-modulated, and full of inflection.

TI Home Computer without the MBX Expansion System

  • You can play Meteor Belt with the TI Horne Computer using the keyboard, the Joystick Controllers (sold separately), or a combination of both.
  • Speech makes the game more exciting. You need the Texas Instruments Solid State SpeechTM Synthesizer (sold separately) to activate the speech capabilities of your Horne Computer.


Are you ready to do battle in an epic space duel? You and a space outpost at the outer fringes of the meteor belt are at war. You must destroy the enemy outpost and enemy ships before they destroy you!

A belt of meteors separates your outpost from your enemy's. Each of the outposts is manned with a fleet of 8 ships, one defending the outpost at a time. Ships fire at one another from behind protective shields and barriers. Ships can attack with white laser fire, purple deflection beams, and deadly drones. Destroy the enemy's protective shield and barriers with your high powered defense systems and gain points as you destroy the enemy's fleet!

Actions in the DEMO MODE

Meteor Belt - Actions in Demo Mode.png

TI Home Computer with the MBX System

After viewing the DEMO MODE, press any key on your TI computer keyboard to start the game. The computer automatically replays the title screen and the DEMO MODE until a TI computer key is pressed.

The number-of-players selection screen now appears. Meteor Belt is a two-player game. You have the option of challenging an opponent or the computer. If you wish to bypass these options, press GO on the MBX console and challenge the computer to a match (You are Saturn challenging Jupiter in such a match).

One-Player Option-You Vs. the Computer

Press 1 on your TI computer keyboard if you're challenging the computer. Then, type your name using letter keys on the TI computer keyboard. Next, press ENTER and the game begins.



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