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File:Jawbreaker II Cartridge.png|Jawbreaker II Cartridge
File:Meteor Belt Cartridge.png|Jawbreaker II Cartridge
File:JawBreaker II Manual Cover.jpg|Jawbreaker II Manual Front Cover
File:Meteor Belt Manual Cover.jpg|Meteor Belt Manual Front Cover
File:Jawbreaker Theme.mp3|Jawbreaker Introductory Theme Song
File:Meteor Belt Manual Cover.jpg|Jawbreaker II Complete Manual (pdf format)|link=https://4apedia.com/manuals/MeteorBelt%20Manual.pdf
File:JawBreaker II Manual Cover.jpg|Jawbreaker II Complete Manual (pdf format)|link=https://4apedia.com/manuals/JawBreaker%20II%20Manual.pdf
File:Meteor Belt Cartridge.png|Meteor Belt MESS/MAME Rom (rpk format)|link=https://4apedia.com/roms/Meteor%20Belt.rpk
File:Jawbreaker II Cartridge.png|Jawbreaker II MESS/MAME Rom (rpk format)|link=https://4apedia.com/roms/Jawbreaker%20II.rpk

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Meteor Belt
Meteor Belt Manual Cover
Meteor Belt Manual (Front Cover) [1] [2]
Publisher(s) Milton Bradley
Original Retail Price $49.95 (USD)
Programmer(s) ]
Part# PHM 3152
Format(s) Solid State SoftwareTM Command Module
Release 1983 (4th Quarter)
Genre(s) Action, Shooter


Advertising Blurb

Front Cover of Manual

Triton Catalog - Fall 1984




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