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* [ 99er - The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page] = '''One of my favorite TI-99/4A websites'''. This site provides a ton of information about the computer and includes downloads of many TI-99/4A manuals (although most, I've found, are of lower quality).
* [[ Area99 - A unique, though not information-rich TI-99 website. ]
* [ AtariAge TI-99/4A Forum] = A great TI-99/4A forum covering many topics and offering multiple downloads.
* [ Centre for Computing History] = This is a UK-based, general computing history website that has numerous articles involving the TI-99/4A.
* [ Rediware's TI-99/4A Page] = Rediware has information about software and other items, including a fairly extensive set of TI-99/4A pages. I link to Rediware's main TI-99/4As landing page.
* [ Retrogaming Times Monthly] = An archive of an older website covering multiple 1980's computing devices.
* [ TI99ers On-Line User Group] = A site with a Hall of Fame, Timeline, and Community Awards List.
* [ TI-99/4 Home Computer 1979] = This is a great reference with plenty of information about software and hardware.
* [ TI-99 Infospot] = This is a very broad website covering many more TI items than the TI-99 and 99/4A, but has great, high-resolution photos and links to various other sources.
* [ TI Game Shelf] = This is a unique site that I rarely, if ever, reference on any pages within my site. It hosts several games, most of which never appeared in command module format. Many of them are even newer creations folks are still making today. A great reference when you're looking for something unique and fresh for your TI-99/4A or an emulator.
* [ The TI-99/4A Tech Pages] = A mostly hardware-focused website.
* [ TI99ers On-Line User Group] = A vast collection of useful TI-99/4A information (if you can find it). Not the easiest site to navigate, but certainly worth some time.
* [ TI-99/4A Video Game House] = A strictly TI-99/4A page covering many of the most popular video games for the TI-99/4A. '''One of my favorite resources'''. It hasn't been updated for a while, but neither has the TI-99/4A, so it's totally legit.
* [ TIDB] = Like the name implies, this is a large database of TI related information. It isn't very in-depth, but fairly complete.
* [ Whtech] = A large database of downloadable files dealing with the TI-99/4A. Although there is a ton of information, the website isn't terribly intuitive nor visually appealing. But, if you know what you're looking for, Whtech probably has it.
* [ WikiPedia] = A site I'm sure everyone is familiar with. This presents many articles on TI-99/4A hardware and software.

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